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Normal Hair Shampoo

Normal Hair Shampoo
Normal Hair Shampoo
Normal Hair Shampoo


Normal Hair Shampoo

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Everyday gentle cleansing shampoo for normal hair. Stimulates hair and scalp with ocean silk technology for a healthy look.

Increases volume and shine. Leaves hair with bounce and an optimal condition. Massage a small amount into wet hair.

Rinse thoroughly. Follow with sachajuan conditioner.

Aquasodium Laureth Sulfateglycereth-2 Cocoatecocamidopropyl Betaineglycerinpeg-4 Rapeseedamidehydrolyzed Rhodophycea Extractparfumsodium Benzoate Hydroxypropyl Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloridesodium Chloridecitric Acidphenoxyethanollinaloollimonenebenzyl Salicylatehexyl Cinnamalalpha-Isomethyl Iononebutylphenyl Methylpropional