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Face Scrub Petitgrain

Face Scrub Petitgrain


Face Scrub Petitgrain

23 €

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A wonderful exfoliating salt and oil treatment for your face. Contains protective and nourishing sweet almond oil and has the delightful scent of petitgrain which also gives the scrub an astringent effect. Petitgrain is easily absorbed by the skin, balancing, refreshing and astringent. Almond oil is softening, protecting and calming.

Sodium chloride (fine sea salt), Prunus amygdalus sativa kernel oil (sweet almond oil), Tochopherol (vitamin E), Olivoyl hydrolized wheat protein (from olives), Cetearyl alcohol (from coconut), Glyceryl oleate (veg), Glyceryl stearate (from palm kernels), Potassium sorbate (natural ingredient of salt), Sodium bensoate (natural ingredient of salt), Potassium hydroxide Linalool (natural ingredient of essential oils).