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Bio-Soothing Lifting Serum Complex 27 L

Bio-Soothing Lifting Serum Complex 27 L

Cosmetics 27

Bio-Soothing Lifting Serum Complex 27 L

98 €
30 ml

This ultra-light serum melts into the skin to moisturize, soothe and lift tired and stressed skin. Complex 27 L immediately moisturizes and relaxes the skin. Its unique, ultra-soft texture is applied like a second skin to smooth the features.

A combination of mild, natural active ingredients, which benefit the skin, genuinely help smooth out the skin. Following application, the feeling of effectiveness is perceptible; stress is relieved, the face regains its radiance. Complex 27 L is the ideal ally for stressed and overworked skin. An absolute "must have" to be used unreservedly.

56% active concentration / Natural formula (99%) - Active ingredients: Centella Asiatica extract, Sodium hyaluronate, Hydroxyproline, Lemon Balm and Lettuce Water, Calendula