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Free delivery
Orders over 50 € are eligible for free delivery.
Delivery is made by DPD.
Delivery cost is 5 €.
The recipient will receive an sms with the estimated delivery time. If at the moment of delivery you are not present, the courier will leave a note for you to contact them and reschedule the delivery. Delivery cost is 5 €. The price includes all shipment costs, thus no additional charges will be requested upon receipt.


Shipment cost is 12 €. All orders over 70 € are eligible for free delivery.


Shipment cost is 25 €. All orders over 100 € are eligible for free delivery.

Delivery times:
All shipments are usually received within 2-7 working days, nevertheless in a few cases shipments may take longer, for example during the holiday period or when the warehouse is especially busy.


Payment methods:
We accept the following payment methods:
- wire transfer
- credit/debit card – credit card payment costs 2% of your order total and will be included in the final price at the last stage of your order process.
- payment upon delivery – this service costs 2 € and will be included in your order total at the last stage of your order process.
- credit/debit card or PayPal – credit card payment costs 5% of your order total and will be included in the final price at the last stage of your order process.
In case of wire transfer into our bank account your order will be shipped after we receive the transfer.


The prices provided at the online store are always final. By the end of ordering process additional shipping price may be added, in case the order total is less than 50 € Slovenia, 70 € Croata, 100 € Italy. The chance of technical errors in specification is possible. All prices are made by online store and are valid for purchases in the specified store only. All prices are valid at the moment of order and may change in future.


If you want to arrange a return, please ship your parcel to the address specified by DPD (you may contact DPD on or over the phone 01 513 2300.

DPD Warehouse:
Celovška cesta 492, SI-1210 Ljubljana-Šentvid

Please place the “return” form in your parcel. Also, don’t forget to include your bill so that we can identify your order. Please specify whether you would like to make a return of the products or money refund in the supplementary letter. If you would like to receive the refund, please specify your bank account number. Don’t forget to add your personal details such as your email and phone number so that we can contact you regarding the return. Never send your return parcel via pay-upon-receival postage as we will not accept it. You can find the return form here.


All customers have a right to denunciation within 14 days from the moment the order has been received without specifying the reasons for his/her decision as well as without any fines or compensations. The customer must return purchased goods to the company undamaged and in the original packaging for his/her own expenses and within 30 days from stating his/her intension for denunciation. If a customer returns the order within 14 days without notifying the company about denunciation the action will be classified as denunciation.
In the case of denunciation the online store will refund the customer all expenses within 30 days from the moment of notifying the store about denunciation. All expenses for the return of order are payed by the customer.
In case when denunciation is a product made specifically for the customer or transformed for his/her needs, a product which according to its nature cannot be returned (such as with a limited or expired due date), cannot be refunded.
A customer has the right to use a product prior to his/her decision to return the product. However, a customer must use a product only to the extent necessary for the examination of its qualities, according to the common practice. Exceeding the limit of the use of a product will lead to the refusal of its return. You can find the “return” form here.



All users of website accept terms and conditions, including general terms of business. The store has the right to change general terms of business on website at any time and without prior notice. All changes in terms and conditions are essential for our customers to familiarize with and are available on our website in the section “General terms of business.” The online store and the seller guarantee the fulfillment of legal obligations in their business such as
Zakon o varstvu potrošnikov (ZVPot),
Zakon o elektronskem poslovanju na trgu (ZEPT),
Zakon o preprečevanju dela in zaposlovanja na črno (ZPDZC).


Full name: SIMFONIJA STV, nepremičnine in trgovina, d.o.o.
Name: SIMFONIJA STV d.o.o.
Address: Smartinska cesta 7, 1000, Ljubljana
Registration number: 6852394000
Tax number: 39056007
IBAN account number: IBAN: SI56 028890263135452 Nova ljubljanska banka d.d.
Registered capital: 7.500,00 ЕВРО
Date of the court registry: 21.05.2015.
Data protection laws are set according to the European law.

Online trade is a type of distanced trading (which includes selling and buying) that uses a computer connected to the internet as mean of distanced communication.
Therefore, a buyer is enabled to make purchases from any part of the world without leaving his home. A user is person who is using the system of the online store, that is, our client or customer.
An online store is an information system intended to sell items to a user – a customer.


The following regulations are valid for online store and are meant to structure and explain the rights and obligations of seller/supplier and buyer/customer.

Покупатель имеет право в любой момент потребовать предоставления условий договорных отношений в бумажном виде.
A customer has the right to demand the means of distanced communication except for the cases when it is incompatible with the terms of contract or the type of financing facility.


Our online store does not require registration. A customer accessing the website by any available method has the right to make purchases and become our customer. The general terms of business establish the nature of seller-buyer relation, the work of the online store, the rights and responsibilities of a customer/user.


First, choose an item you wish to purchase. To do this, you can use the list of product categories located on the left. Alternatively, you can use the “search” option on top of the page. To make things easier for you we have divided the products into “male” and “female” categories according to a common demand. Once you have decided with the type of a particular product, its size and quantity, press the button “add to basket.” Afterwards, you may continue to shop, or, alternatively, you can proceed to the payment process, where you will be able to enter all necessary details, such as the delivery address, means of payment, etc.


You are able to pay for your order upon collection, with the bill provided, or using PayPal, credit/debit card.


The seller is required to deliver the order within the specified time period. The seller is required to provide a customer with the additional information on the subject of the contract, its terms and return policy. The seller is required to provide a customer with the full information which he/she may use in the case of any complaints, guarantee and service, as well as any other services after the contract has been secured. All orders are deliver by DPD according to the price valid on the moment of each purchase.


A customer has the right to notify the store within 14 days from receiving the order that he/she decided to cancel the contract without specifying the reasons of one’s decision, as well as without facing any fines or compensations. A customer is obliged to return the purchased goods in their original package and for his/her own expenses within 30 days from the moment of notifying the store about the cancellation of contract. If a customer returns the order in an appropriate manner within the specified (14 days) period of time and without notifying the store about the cancellation of the order, his/her actions will be considered as the cancellation of order. In case of cancellation of the contract the store will refund the customer with all of his/her expenses in the period of 30 days from receiving the notification of cancellation. All expenses for returns of the purchased products are payed by the customer who has decided to cancel the order. In case when the subject of contract is a product made specifically for the customer or transformed for his/her needs, a product which according to its nature cannot be returned (such as with a limited or expired due date), a customer can not cancel the order. A customer has the right to use the purchased product until the moment of the cancellation of the order. Furthermore, a customer has the right to examine and test the product, yet only in the quantity that is necessary for the examination of the product’s qualities and conditions, as specified by the common practice. Exceeding the specified norms means that the customer will not be able to return the product according to the policy of the cancellation of the order.


A customer can notify the seller about defect of the purchased product and claim the refund according to the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPOt). The above right is only valid for products which have a guarantee certificate. The guarantee period is mentioned in the description of the product and depends on the product’s nature. Terms and conditions of guarantee certificates are specified in the additional guarantee document of the product. Guarantee requirements are not valid in the case of damage which occurred during the invalid or inaccurate use of the product, mechanical damages or irresponsible attitude, as well as any damages occurring as a result of force-major incidents, natural disasters, etc.
Each customer has the right for reclamation of defected product within the guarantee period specified. A customer has to notify the seller about defected product within the time period specified. A customer has to outline his/her problems and demands in a coherent manner. The seller has the right to examine the products, evaluate the possible damage, and provide a response within the time period specified. Regarding the questions of product quality please contact us by post or via email.


A customer may claim on the purchased product in the case of discrepancy or technical error, as outlined in the Consumer Protection Act - ZVPOt.
Reclamation in case of discrepancy is possible disregarding the type of the purchased product and whether it has a guarantee or not. A customer has the right to return the purchased product within the period of 2 months after noticing the discrepancy or other problems with the product. After 2 months from the moment of purchase no complaints regarding the quality of purchased products will be accepted.
A customer must notify the seller about the problem with the purchased product in a written form; a customer mist provide a detailed description of discrepancy and provide the seller with an opportunity to examine the product.
If the discrepancy (technical error) raises no doubt, the seller will satisfy the complaint as soon as possible – the latest is 8 days.
All complaints regarding the discrepancy should be sent on our email or postal addresses (as the registered letter in case of postal service).


A customer should receive the general information within a reasonable time limit, depending on the method of communication, however not later than prescribed by a contract of proposal.
The seller is obliged to provide the following information to a customer:
- company information (name, formal address, registration number)
- contact information (email, phone number)
- information on products and services (including sales conditions and guarantee)
- times of delivery (all products and services must be delivered within a reasonable time frame)
- terms of delivery (method, place, and time frame)
- prices must be clearly indicated, information of taxes and delivery process must be specified
- means of payment and delivery
- times of special offers
- time period within which a customer may cancel the contract; terms of cancellation and any extra charges must be specified
- information on complaints and suggestions, including contact details of a designated person or customer relations service.


Personal data is being gathered for the purpose of online shop activity and communication between the seller and a customer within a legal framework. The seller is obliged to respect the rights of its customers, protect them from excessive use, collection, and preservations of personal data, as outlined by law. All data which a customer is providing on the website, or by any other mean, is confidential and remains under protection of applicable legislation. A customer himself/herself is equally responsible for the protection of the personal data.

Upon registration and order processes we collect your personal data. Personal data comprises any information which identifies a customer: name, email address, etc. Your personal data is being used by our website for settling a contract, order processing, technical purposes of the website’s administration, and for the general communication and sale per se.

Apart from that, when browsing our website we will automatically collect your general (not personal) data, such as type of browser, number of entries, browsing period, pages visited, etc. This information is used exclusively for analyzing traffic and browsing preferences of our website. Your data will not be transferred to a third party.

You are responsible for making a decision to provide your personal data. Your details will be stored until the moment when it is required for the store functioning. Both seller and customer must provide accurate and authentic details. Otherwise the store is not responsible for fulfilling the contract requirements.

Customers are eligible for complaints in case of negative consequences, violations and excessive use of personal data.

Seller’s activity is regulated according to the European legal system (Directive ЕС 95/46/EC, 2002/58/EC, contracts and conventions ETS 108, ETS 181, ETS 185, ETS 189) and the national legislation of the Slovenian Republic.


In case of technical or other problems our online store may stop operating for the purpose of maintenance and technical problem solving. We are not responsible for any possible damage or/and expenses which may occur as a consequence of technical or other problems of the website. As a seller we are not responsible for the accuracy of product characteristics and description provided on the website and are not responsible for any damage related to it. We are not responsible for problems occurred due to a website user’s malfunctioning browser, software, or any other devices as a consequence of the use of the website. A user is responsible for protecting his devices before visiting and using website.

A user is responsible for security and confidentiality of his registration details (login and password). Provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot) regarding contracts concluded remotely are valid for the issues of relation between the seller and a customer. According to ZVPo a customer is a private individual who receives and uses goods or services out of his professional or commercial activity.


All complaints regarding our online store, as well as those related to the contract and legislative obligations of the seller, should be sent by email or post (registered mail) to the company’s address.
To get more information on the subject contact us via email.


An online bill will be sent via email to a customer as a confirmation of his/her order. A customer can save the online bill, enclosed to an email, at any time for his/her future references.


Our online store guarantee you a safe shopping. It means that we are doing all we can and should to prevent confidential data leaks. All customer details are stored in our database only for as long as we need it for the purposes of sale and delivery. The the process has been completed, all customer data will be deleted.

All data provided by the customer is intended to be used only for the functioning of the online store and will not be transferred to the third party or used for any other purposes.

In our online store we use cookies exclusively to preserve temporary data – without using your personal details. Cookies are stored on a protected server only.

For deleting your personal data you may logout from our online store after the completion of each session. This way you can safely shop in our online store from any device without leaving any unsecured information for the next device user. In case you are using our online store as a guest without registration, to delete your data you should simply close the web window.